Network Capacity Increases Continue

Earlier this month our field teams installed a new fiber-optic circuit to provide additional capacity to customers in northern Loudoun County. The new circuit is now fully operational and providing additional bandwidth to former customers.

“Lack of upstream bandwidth capacity was a major issue on the former network when we began upgrades this summer,” says Kevin Elmore, VP for Operations. “We took some short term steps to immediately increase capacity, but now we have addressed the aggregate capacity issue in northern Loudoun for the long-term, with a ten-times increase in the volume of bandwidth available to the network.”

While hundreds of customers in northern Loudoun County are already seeing benefits from this capacity increase, its full impact will take additional time to reach the entire network. All Points continues to invest to bring state-of-the-art connectivity to former customers of and Loudoun Wireless. We appreciate your continued support as this process continues.

Take advantage of our Customer Portal

While our multi-million dollar upgrade program to improve Internet service continues on schedule, we’re also working to make your customer experience more convenient and secure, and to eliminate unnecessary paper and environmental impacts.

We are pleased to announce that our online Customer Portal is now available to all customers, giving you increased access to your account information. You can use the portal to review your account details online, view past invoices and payments, and update contact and billing information. To access the portal, click on the “Customer Portal” link at the top of our webpage.

Customers who haven’t yet taken advantage of the Customer Portal recently received an email with instructions on how to use the portal. If you need assistance with login information or using the portal, please email or call our support line at 703-554-6600 (Monday thru Friday 9am-6pm).