APB Supports 2016 “Loudoun Good Scout” Evening

eagle scout pin

All Points Broadband is pleased to support the 2016 Loudoun Good Scout Evening.

Scouting is an excellent program that teaches young men leadership and other skills that make our communities stronger.  Two thirds of the All Points management team are Eagle Scouts.

This year’s event honors Delegate Randy Minchew, who shares our vision of improving Internet access in Loudoun, Clarke and Fauquier Counties and has been a consistent advocate for broadband in Richmond.

Congratulations Randy!

Click on the link below to read more.


Streaming Your Television Just Got Even Better

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Every day it seems like there are more and better options for streaming video content over your All Points Broadband internet connection.  Check out this article comparing Sony’s Playstation Vue to Sling TV. Both services have ESPN! 

The latest article from The Denver Post lays out the comparison for you in the article below. Click on the link to read learn more and take advantage of ways to improve your television streaming capabilities with your All Points Broadband plan: